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Ground services

Every passenger journey has multiple seen and unseen interactions with Menzies. We always do our best to deliver safe and trusted service and a world-class passenger experience for every customer, every time. Our customers include major airlines such as Emirates, Qatar Airways, British Airways, Ryanair and many others.

Our services

We offer and perform the full range of activities required by the airline and our main activities include:

  • Passenger check-in including additional services in the area of “ticketing” and baggage claims
  • Complete unloading and loading of aircraft including balancing and necessary documentation
  • Ensuring the coordination of all activities and components involved in aircraft clearance
  • Aircraft de-icing
  • Support and representation of our customers at all levels

Passenger check-in

Our team provides friendly, efficient and tailored passenger services from check-in to boarding. Our agents are often the passenger’s first connection with the customer airline so we pay great attention to making the start of their journey as smooth as possible. Our trained team of agents always proceed in accordance with the requirements of the specific airline and give passengers the utmost care. We are able to provide check-in in various systems and for this we use the most advanced technologies in our industry.

  • Change of flight reservation
  • Diverting to another flight
  • Baggage Claims
  • Checking the necessary documents
  • Accompaniment and assistance
  • VIP lounge

Filip, the check-in agent: “What I appreciate most about this job is the variety and new challenges every day. I like to communicate with travellers from different parts of the world and always try to solve all their requirements. All this in a modern company and in an attractive environment of an international airport.”

Ramp handling and baggage

We lead the industry in the time critical process of meeting, preparing and dispatching aircraft, all over the world. Our ground team takes immense pride in delivering quality through best practice working processes, an exceptional approach to safety and investment in the skills and wellbeing of our people.  

  • Transport of dangerous goods (DGR)
  • Transport of live animals
  • Securing the load against movement
  • Use of special techniques for specific activities
  • Aircraft de-icing

Jiří, Senior Agent Driver: “The teamwork, handling equipment around the aircraft and the constant traffic associated with airport life are some of the many aspects I love about the job. In one moment I become a direct participant in everything that is happening, taking part in the smooth and safe process of check-in. Driving specialised machines to assist in the ground clearance of the aircraft also provides me with a broadening of my horizons.”

Operations (OPS)

Our operations department takes care of all activities related to communication with the airline and the coordination of components involved in check-in, loading and balancing the aircraft. Within this department there are specific functions that require comprehensive knowledge of operations and an overview of the functioning of the entire system. The use of modern technologies and global systems is a common part of the work process.

  • Coordination of all components involved in the clearance – TCO
  • Review of prescribed processes and procedures
  • Communication with the crew
  • Aircraft Balancing – Load Control
  • Distribution of cargo (commodity) in different systems

Evilina, Handling Agent: “My task is to coordinate all the components involved in the clearance of the aircraft. Fast and accurate communication, flawless cooperation and adherence to procedures are the keys to success and on-time departure. Moreover, it is a job in a dynamic environment with a friendly atmosphere.”

General aviation

We also handle private flights, charter flights and special cargo flights involving a wide range of different types of aircraft. We offer maximum flexibility and a tailored approach, combined with the completion of all necessary formalities to ensure a smooth process.

  • Ensuring all necessary formalities from application to handling to departure
  • Preparing and calculation of the budget of specific flight
  • Provision of additional services according to the customer´s request
  • A wide range of contractual partners to ensure above-standard services (hotels, fuel, catering)
  • We have modern and representative equipment
  • Our team is available 24/7, 365 days of the year

Václav, Handling Agent: “Our goal is maximum customer satisfaction, who are happy to return and regularly use the services of Menzies Aviation. Every day, we tackle specific tasks and look for the most effective ways to meet our client’s demanding requirements. VIP flights are a normal part of our work.”